Increase Facebook engagement

With over 1.65 billion active monthly users, Facebook can be a marketing goldmine for businesses and nonprofits. Facebook Pages allow companies the opportunity to interact with followers, respond to questions, promote new products and give consumers a behind-the-scenes lookat your organization with authentic videos and pictures. Before you jump into posting on Facebook, there are a few best practices you should know. Try using one or all of the below tips this month, and don’t be surprised when your audience engagement increases!


Link your posts back to your website – The website is your main marketing face, so we always want to direct visitors back to the site. Share blog posts or new product pages from your website. Not only will this increase your Facebook engagement such as post clicks and “likes” but it will help with your website’s SEO. Pro tip: When you paste a URL into a Facebook post, Facebook automatically pulls in an image, if available, from the page and the title and meta description. Go ahead and delete the URL from the post. Don’t worry, the content will remain. Now add a short caption and post away.


Pay attention to the timing & frequency of your posts – There isn’t a hard and fast rule for the best time you should post or even, how often to post. A company targeting stay-at-home moms may post at a different time and rate than those focused on college-aged guys. However, Facebook Insights does provide helpful information as to what time of day or day of the week your audience is most engaged. Be thoughtful about your audience and when they are active on Facebook.


Follow cultural trends – Create posts that are relevant to what is happening in the world. It may be the Super Bowl or Pokemon Go, but creating posts that interact with the world outside of your company will help to humanize your business and engage with a new audience.


Use images in your posts
– “Photos receive 53% more likes on Facebook than the average post and 84% more link clicks” (source). Include photos of people in your company, office happenings, new products being put to use. Or post a relevant meme or an image of a quote. Pro tip: If you don’t have Photoshop or don’t feel comfortable using it, you can easily add text overlays or filters to photos using Canva.


Create a Facebook contest – Contests can help promote your page, garner likes and increase engagement. Encourage your audience to post a picture using your product or like and follow your page for a chance to win. Moleskin does a great job of promoting their products through creative contests for their followers.



In the end, test everything you try. Facebook makes it easy for you to discern what types of posts are best for your audience. Use “Facebook Insights” to see what time of day you should post, if photo posts really do increase engagement or if your audience loves contests. Check out Part 2 to learn five more tips. Happy posting!