Facebook engagement tips

As mentioned in our previous post, Facebook can be a marketing goldmine for businesses and nonprofits. The platform allows you to interact with followers while giving your customers an authentic look at your company. But if used correctly, Facebook can actually help you turn those followers into customers.


Below are five more tips to help increase your Facebook engagement. (If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.)


Use hashtags – Hashtags help gather new likes and views by those outside your normal audience because people are able to search a common hashtag and see your post. For example, post a photo from days gone by with the hashtag #tbt (throwback Thursday) or post a company pic for #nationalicecreamday. These types of posts may not gain immediate new business, but they will go far in helping your audience to know and like you. Pro tip: Only use one hashtag per post.

coke facebook post


Make your logo your profile picture – Using your logo will keep your Facebook page easily recognizable and consistent with your brand. Be sure to choose a logo that scales well, one with limited text. Profile pictures are small on your page but even smaller in News Feeds. Pro tip: Profile pictures should be at least 180×180 pixels.


Update your cover photo – Add some character to your page by updating the cover photo. Use this cover space to promote an event or sale, to showcase your products or display your mission. Or you may want to keep it simple by using a high-quality image of your store or staff.


Check out how Rival Construction uses their logo as their profile pic and has a high-quality, branded image as their cover photo.

Facebook engagement


Give a shout out – People and businesses love being mentioned on Facebook, and they are more likely to share a post that they are tagged in. Tag your clients or an upcoming conference. Tag the restaurant that catered your company party. Tag your favorite products or an interesting article. This will increase your audience reach and engagement. Pro tip: Use the @ sign when tagging other companies.


Boost your posts – Use this paid Facebook service to make your post appear higher in your audience’s News Feed. You definitely don’t want to boost every post, but perhaps use it to boost a new product post or a promote a sale or event.


With these 10 tips, you’ll be increasing your Facebook engagement in no time! Also, if you missed the first five tips, check them out here.