TRUE Crafted Pizza

The COGNITION team worked with TRUE Crafted Pizza to create a strong brand that could be replicated for future TRUE locations. Our expertise included turn-key concepting for brand positioning, naming consultation, logo design and messaging development. We also delivered brand implementation of uniforms, pizza boxes, cups, menu boards and website design. The end result is a hot new pizza concept that’s sure to be a hit.

  • true-crafted-pizza_logo
  • true-crafted-pizza_BC
  • true-crafted-pizza_GC
  • true-crafted-pizza_togo-cups
  • true-crafted-pizza_togo-menu
  • true-crafted-pizza_togo-box
  • true-crafted-pizza_card
  • true-crafted-pizza_web
  • true-crafted-pizza_web1
  • true-crafted-pizza_web2
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