Spring Website Checklist

As the bright budding trees and colorful flowers begin to bloom, there is a freshness to the Spring season. Windows are thrown open airing out the winter blues, lines of laundry soak up the sun and dust bunnies get swept away all in hopes of bringing the Spring newness to our homes. Spring cleaning has become a universal trend of organizing, sorting and cleaning. But why limit spring cleaning to just your home? Websites need freshening up too!

In this digital age, your website is the home of your company; it’s your first impression, your elevator pitch and your business card all in one. People make assumptions about companies from the moment they land on the homepage of a website, and we want to make sure we are putting our best face forward. To add new life to your website this season, follow our Spring Cleaning Website Checklist.


Update Old Website Content

Website content can show a website’s age very quickly if you aren’t careful. Event calendars need to be maintained, blogs should be up to date, and contact information should be accurate.  To ensure your website content is up to date, click through every page of your website, reading each line, and make note of any old or outdated content. Perhaps the most recent event is from 4 months ago, add a new one to bring life to the calendar; review the About Us page and add new team members or company news; and don’t forget to update the copyright date in the website footer. These small improvements give your website new life and provide a great first impression to your visitors.


Fix Broken Links

There is nothing more annoying than clicking on a website link and landing on a 404 page. Like someone chewing with their mouth open at a business dinner, it is an immediate turnoff. To keep visitors on your site, take some time to search for and fix any broken links. Google’s free Search Console makes finding broken links quick and easy. Once you’ve discovered the culprit(s), correct the broken URLs, add new links, or remove the links entirely. Correcting broken links will encourage visitors to dive deeper on your site rather than being turned off.


Refresh Website Images

Images really can make or break a website. They help to create your website’s personality and tell a story. For example, a lot of photos of men in business suits denotes a professional, business to business tone, while photos of team members making silly faces may indicate a fun, creative company.

Take a look at your website images. Are they accurately representing your company and the story you want to tell? It may be as easy as taking a new team picture to include new hires, or perhaps you’ve changed your company vision and need updated images to reflect your goals. Either way, take time to assess your website photography and make a plan to update it this month.


Restock Business Collateral

Spring is a great time to review, correct and restock any company brochures and business cards. Like website images, marketing collateral can quickly set a tone. Are your business cards and handouts consistent with your overall brand? Do they look and feel professional? Is there any outdated content on the brochure, such as incorrect contact information? Or perhaps you realize you only have 10 business cards left! Ensure all the content is accurate and resupply your stock. You’d hate to need them and not have them!


Modernize Branding & Marketing Plan

As we spruce up our home, we may quickly realize that repainting an entire room is a better option than numerous touch ups that seem to make little difference. Our websites changes can often feel the same; why make so many minor updates when we may be best served with a completely new site?

If you have reviewed the above steps and in looking at your site you believe you don’t just need a touch up but a new paint job, COGNITION can help. We specialize in freshening up branding and websites to best reflect your company and mission. From updated content to beautiful, new photography to sleek marketing brochures and business cards, we’ll dust, scrub and polish your site, creating a new, fresh look.